Terms and Conditions

Well, you knew there was bound to be a page like this.  However, I think you'll find that I don't ask anything unreasonable of you.  So, here does nothing...

1) Please do not direct link to any of the images.  It'll suck up my bandwidth and that's just annoying.  I have an 'interesting' way of dealing with thieves when I find them, so unless you want this guy showing up on your website, I suggest abiding by this rule.  ^_~

2) Don't claim any of these photos as your own.  I may not be an absolute professional, but I *do* sell my work on iStockPhoto.com.  As such, I am well acquainted with my rights.

3) I don't require a link or even that you credit me, but it WOULD be very nice of you to do so seeing as how this is all free for you and I put in lots of time and effort to make it available.

I really would like to see what you've made if you use my work.  It's not a 'rule', just curiosity.